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New & Noteworthy: Erin Patterson Obtains South Carolina License

Posted by Erin Patterson | Apr 28, 2021

Our firm has some very exciting news to share!  Attorney Erin Patterson is now fully licensed to practice law in the state of South Carolina, which means we will now be able to assist clients who reside in that state. 

Charlotte has always been a unique city, situated almost exactly on the border between North and South Carolina; we are delighted to now offer the services we have provided for years in North Carolina to those living in our sister state of South Carolina.   

Attorney Patterson describes this achievement as one of the highlights of her professional career.  In pursuit of this licensure, Erin passed a separate professional responsibility and ethics exam last October, completed hundreds of hours of study for the Bar Exam this winter, attended and passed the two-day Bar Exam this February, and completed multiple lecture courses specific to the laws of South Carolina in March - all almost twelve years since graduating law school. Congratulations Erin!

The overall passage rate of the February 2021 Bar Exam in South Carolina was 62.28%.  For the full announcement from the South Carolina Supreme Court, visit the South Carolina Supreme Court public announcement page here.

Attorney Patterson wishes to thank the team at Erin Patterson Law, her family and her professional network.  She looks forward to serving a broader clientele across both Carolinas in the years to come! 

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