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What Makes Us Different


Our Clients

The top priority of our firm is our clients.  They include entrepreneurs, new parents, retirees, and business professionals and come from all walks of life and wealth.  We welcome the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clientele, because we genuinely enjoy hearing about their families and unique backgrounds.  It also allows us to demonstrate our skill at creating custom legal solutions designed to meet both immediate and long-term needs. Read more about the experiences of our recent clients here.

Our Story

Erin Patterson Law was founded in January 2020 after our team had gathered years of experience at other law firms, some of which were spent at the same firm.  United, we were driven to create an innovative and client-focused process which places us at the forefront of the best estate planning and estate/trust administration firms in the Charlotte region.  As professionals, we bring a wealth of knowledge related to our core practice areas and deliberately choose to focus solely on them.  As an all-female team used to juggling the demands of a rigorous work environment and family lives at home, we bring a unique approach to helping individuals who are attempting to do the same by overcoming legal obstacles, chasing big dreams, and securing their legacy.  Planners at heart, our aim is to bring our clients' true desires to the surface and provide the highest quality advice to help them achieve their goals.  We differentiate ourselves by adhering closely to the values outlined below.

Our Values

Our team affectionately refers to these as “our four C's” and frequently discusses new ways to incorporate these values into our legal services.  The concepts themselves are not complex but they are far too often overlooked at other law firms.  We are unquestionably committed to living these values daily in our practice.

  • Client Focused

Estate planning is a lifelong endeavor, while estate/trust administration can often last one year or more.  Therefore, we aim to build our brand on a foundation of loyalty.  We recognize that the only way to do this is to consistently exceed our clients' expectations by delivering quality legal products and solutions along with an incomparable level of service.

  • Communication

We believe there is no such thing as “overcommunicating” when it comes to your legal matter. Process, fees, and status updates are regularly provided to our clients, and we are quick to respond to inquiries.  Close communication has the additional benefit of reducing confusion, avoidable fees, and frustrations.  Finally, we will not consider our work complete until satisfied that we have coordinated with our clients' other advisors (such as financial advisors, CPAs, etc.) to ensure mistakes are avoided and plans are fully implemented. 

  • Clarity

Brilliant legal products are meaningless if our clients do not understand them. Therefore, we welcome questions from our clients and challenge ourselves to set the legal jargon aside in favor of plain language advice.  In order to provide clarity, we prefer to break down legal projects into manageable action items and strive to complete these action items by following a consistent and recognizable process.  To see our clients relax when they fully understand all options and receive clear direction is proof that we are doing our best work.  

  • Compassion

Our clients – all of them! – are human.  Because of this, we know our clients will remember not just the legal work we completed but how we made them feel.  Therefore, we approach each legal issue by first listening and then reacting and advising with care and compassion.  Our clients trust us with protecting their families and ultimately the disposition of their assets.  In return, our goal is to demonstrate kindness, empathy and sincere consideration throughout the length of each legal project we are entrusted to handle.

How Can We Help?

We are standing by and ready to assist you with your estate planning or estate administration needs. Let us know how we can instill confidence and help bring you peace of mind. Your legacy depends on it.